shared studio space

Shared studio

  • $50.00/month
  • 9:00am-9:00pm access
  • Storage shelf in common area
  • Access to studio equipment
  • Display opportunity in gallery
  • Lower firing cost
  • Inquire for application
shared studio space

Private studio

  • $150.00 – $200.00/month
  • Private studio space
  • Access to studio equipment
  • Display space in gallery
  • 24-hour access
  • Lower firing cost
  • Workshop discounts
  • Inquire for application

Firing fees

Studio member

  • Free bisque
  • Glaze $2.00 per/lb bisque weight
  • Re-fire $0.50 per/lb

Non-studio member

  • Studio Glazes $3.50 / lb bisque weight
  • Personal Glazes $3.25 / lb bisque weight
  • Bisque $1.00 / lb bisque weight | 50% applied to glaze fee

$5.00 shelf grinding fee per drip may be added per drip.
$20.00 shelf deposit per 15 lb bisque weight may be added.

All fees are calculated after bisque fire, glazed items brought in to be fired will be weighed as bisque

All pricing is subject to change.

323CLAY is not liable for any breakage or damage to any art that may occur in kilns or on business property.