Saturday & Sunday, April 4 – 5th New date to be determined.

Have you ever desired more consistency in your ceramic products? Have you considered expanding the techniques that you normally use in your studio practice? From functional objects to sculptural elements — from handles and spouts to stamps and decorative elements — Mold making techniques afford freedom in reproducibility and the potential for new qualities not easily achieved by wheel or hand processes alone.

During this workshop, Students will learn about the basics of mold making for the purpose of slip casting and press molding ceramics. Mike will speak about the tools, materials, and techniques needed to make plaster molds and a variety of casting slips for reproducing sculptural or functional objects in ceramic. Students will have the ability to work with Mike to create a one part or two part mold of an object of their choosing and will end the workshop with a ceramic cast object, a mother mold for continued casting, as well as casting slip recipes for porcelain, earthenware and colored clays.

In particular, Mike will talk about:
-Prepping an object for making a plaster mold,
-Considerations for press molds and slip casting molds
-Techniques for mixing plaster consistently
-The types of plaster mother molds including waste molding, cottle board construction, and the use of both plaster and high temperature silicone for making sprigs.
-Slip casting clay bodies and colored slips.

Students Bring:
1 set of basic clay tools (dedicated for use in plaster)
A vessel or object for the purpose of casting, preferably nonporous

There will be a one hour break. Bring a lunch or walk to lunch on the square.